New Horizon taught me skills and techniques I never could've learned in school.
- Matthew Bertsch, Age 20, Kunkletown, PA
When I began looking into finding a locally based music instructor, I considered 2 main criteria:
1. Musical Skills
2. Teaching Abilities
I discovered Gary Wehrkamp demonstrated the caliber of musical skills and teaching abilities you would find exclusively at prestigious music schools or in big cities.
As a guitar, piano, drum, and recording student of Gary's for over ten years now, all I can say is that Gary is THE BEST! I would highly recommend Gary to anyone looking to become a better musician.
- Paul Dworakivsky

Because I thought he [Gary Wehrkamp] was funny I decided to allow him to play a solo on 'Flight of the Migrator'. The joke was on me then… it was one of the best solos I had ever heard; a combination of playfulness (Steve Vai), virtuosity (Edward van Halen) and speed (Yngwie Malmsteen) and still with a completely recognizable own sound. It goes without saying that I worked with Gary again on the Star One album 'Space Metal', especially because he had to play a duel with the fastest keyboard player of the world Jens Johansson (the outcome is undecided). That solo is the reason I never dared play the song 'Master of Darkness' live...”Arjen Lucassen

I have never experienced more comfortable, personable and influential lessons.  New Horizon Music Studios allows you to focus on areas of instruction that interest you.
- Matt Shumski, age 22

I came to know Gary first as a fan, then had the opportunity to work with him in depth on the Amaran's Plight album. I knew he was talented, but when you're in the weeds with someone as it is created, you really get a chance to see what they can do. Gary is a shockingly good multi-instrumentalist. He plays at an extremely high level pretty much any instrument. In addition to that, he's able to write material, get it recorded and then also step back as a producer and objectively look at what is there and do what is right for the music. What he turns out from his studio is really top notch in terms of quality, the instrumentation, the audio, all excellent. I've also had the occasion to hire Gary as a guest musician on projects and everyone that has worked with him made comments about how easy he was to work with and the high quality of what we got back.
- Shawn Gordon, President ProgRock Records

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