Guitar Lessons

Stroudsburg PA

At New Horizon Music Studios in Stroudsburg PA, we offer guitar lessons for all levels, ranging from true beginners to seasoned professionals. Our instructors teach a wide array of genres, ranging from jazz to rock to classical guitar. Depending on your guitar-playing experience and personal goals, we will pair you with the perfect teacher. Your teacher will then personalize your instruction in light of your individual learning needs.

As a growing guitarist, we will provide you opportunities to apply your thriving skills through practical performance venues. Some of these venues include (but are not limited to) open-mic nights, recitals, holiday parties, etc. Collaborating with other musicians will catalyze your growth and inspire you. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

Our philosophy is for you to love music as much as we do! We want you to look forward to regularly interacting with your instrument. Our goal is to derive innovative methods to continuously motivate you to become the best guitarist you can be!

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